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Vietnamese Vegan Cuisine

We have been vegans for over 20 years.  We only make the best of the vegan proteins that keeps the authenticity of Vietnamese dishes.

Signature Fan Favourites

Royal Noodle Soup (Huế)

Thick vermicelli noodles in a balanced spicy, sweet, sour, savoury lemongrass broth. Tofu + Vegan Protein + Broccoli + mushrooms to compliment. 

Served: Fresh mixed herb salad

Salt & Pepper Tofu (Đậu Hủ Rang Muối)

Puffy Clouds of Tofu Wok stir fried with capsicum seasoned with our Salt&Pepper seasoning.

Vegan Peking Duck Rolls (Vịt Bắc Kinh)

Vegan Peking Duck, cucumber, pickled carrots, coriander, plum sauce.

Southern Mekong Noodle Soup (Mắm)

Thickvermicelli noodles in a fermented soybean paste broth. Eggplant + crispy soy fish + tofu to compliment.  

Served: Fresh mixed herb salad

Chewy Rice Noodle Dry Vegetable (Dai Xào Khô)

Wok stir fried vegetables with our in-house dark sauce with our thin chewy rice noodles.

Tomato Noodle Soup (Riêu)

Thin vermicelli noodles in a sweet, sour, savoury tomato broth. Soft curded tofu + tofu + tomatoes + vegan ham to compliment.   

Served: Fresh mixed herb salad

Soft Flat Rice Noodle Braised Vegetable (Hủ Xào Thập Cẩm)

Wok stir fried vegetables in our gravy sauce with soft flat rice noodles.

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup (Phở)

The most Authentic Tasting Vegan Pho. Thin rice noodles with a strong aroma of spices in our vegan Pho Broth. 

Served: Bean sprouts + basil. * Use Hoisin + Chilli sauce to taste

Salt & Pepper Squid (Mực Rang Muối)

Vegan Squid (made from konjac) wok stir fried with capsicum, Hot chillies and seasoned with our Salt & Pepper seasoning.

Mumma Chef & Family

Mumma Kim has been cooking vegan cuisine for over 20 years creating Authentic Vietnamese cuisine to feed her family. Constantly improving her dishes to provide for her family. Her spiritual practice inspired Vietnamese recipes are filled with love, thoughtfulness in taste and health. Mumma Kim removes all the need of harming animals to provide a nutritious, amazingly delicious meals that will make you feel loved.

For over 15 years Loving Hut Cabramatta has been open where she has treated every customer as her own family, meeting every need to change the consciousness of the benefits of a vegan diet.

It is now time for the next generation…

Robert and Bella, a husband and wife team are now bringing Loving Hut Cabramatta family owned restaurant into a new era. Taking Mumma Kim’s yummy loving meals to be shared for the entire Sydney Community.


Contact us today to cater your next event. We have a wide range of choices to meet your catering needs that will have everyone happy and well feed with our large portions.  


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